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  3. Anonymous said: Hi, so this girl was hitting on my bf, and then he told her to fudge off, like a week ago. And then yesterday he was depressed and I was a little busy so I couldn't see him but I was there for him. So what does he do? He told me that the girl that was hitting on him was apologizing to him and told him she just wanna be friends so without telling me, he was going to see her! After he told me I got upset and angry and he didnt go as realized his mistake but I just can't beeline he would do that..

    Okay, okay. Keep calm, lets see: He saw her…and?

    I mean, I understand that this upset you, but if they just were talking there’s no a big deal.

    I mean yeah, you should speak with him and explain to him that you can’t stand that girl, but that’s all. He needed someone I that moment and you couldn’t be here, so… he found help in her. I’m pretty sure he had no bad intentions.


  4. Hi, I feel alone. Anyone want to talk?

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    Sad/Bands/B&W blog

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    Big drop.

    Surfer | Kelly Slater

    2014 Billabong Pro Tahiti

    Video | aspworldtour

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